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Others Free Stock Clipart and Vector Graphics

With 544,931 of free images of Others available and many more added daily by our creators all over the world,
you can surely find high-quality free stock images of Others on illustAC for your next personal and commercial projects.

Illustration from ACworks
You are looking for eye-catching people free stock photos that could be used legally both for your next personal and commercial projects? With millions of people stock photos available and many more are added on a daily basis by our creators, IllustAC will be a right choice for you. Exploring illustAC's Others category, you can surely find the right photos that you need in minutes.
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ACworks is a company based on professional asked him, and the way the public contribution creators combination offers free downloads of material company benefited from the unique properties of this material sources in the current. illustAC - Other This In a category page, you will be able to find content with different styles from other material libraries.

This article will give a comprehensive introduction to other materials in illustAC from the following perspectives.

  • Types of similar materials
  • Search for materials
  • Edit materials
  • Purpose of use of materials / licensed scope

1. Types of free other materials

If distinguished by the purpose of use , the other materials in illustAC can be roughly divided into 4 categories: element maps, background images, silhouettes, and comics / illustrations.

so-called elemental map, in fact, a blend of a package with the same style picture of subject material. thanks to AI or EPS storage and other vector drawing these pictures can be enough removed when in actual use Divide them into separate elements for use. At the same time, because users often use only a small part of them when processing such materials, it is not easy to collide with other people’s designs. It can be said that such pictures are used by professional designers. The most flexible type in hand and the most convenient to use.

When it comes to background images, it is a general term for the materials used for the background patterns of the presentation. Many people think that the content is the core of the presentation. What's decorative design but this idea is not objective: since the briefing price value. not heard the message, but the message is to help people to accept a reasonable presentation with pictures to black and white version better than a long Time to keep the audience’s attention, so as to achieve more information transmission. And design is the magic weapon related to the efficiency of this process.

The last type of use is comics (or illustrations). This type of work the use of positioning are usually more vague, and the personal characteristics of the creators of the more intense. genera so once the right person, it will be able to directly find a treasure trove of type for content / emotional performance is no hard limit for text and other conditions tribes , Comics / illustrations can be said to be a type of free material that can be considered.

In order to get more wonderful other types of royalty-free illustrations / vector graphics, you have to wait for you to search for it yourself!

2. Search for other free materials

In illustAC , you can use a variety of methods to quickly find other free illustrations / vectors you need.

  • Press the key Search for other words
  • Adjust the display order of materials that meet the criteria
  • Search by negative keywords
  • Search by color
  • Search by number of people
  • Look for other similar materials
Search by keyword

Search by keyword can be said to be a search function available in any gallery (except designAC ). In illustAC , the search object is all the labels under all other illustrations / vectors! Since creators usually add annotations (tags) to the content of the vector graphics when submitting articles, this search method can include most of the free vector graphics in a classic way, and use the material containing the search keywords / words according to the vector graphics. The frequency is arranged. If you don’t want to use the default ranking of popularity, you can try the next search function.

Adjust the display order of eligible materials

It is also due to the characteristics of accepting submissions from general users. illustAC ’s free illustrations / vector materials may have quality Larger float. Therefore, under normal circumstances, we default to show you the search results according to the frequency of use of illustrations / vector graphics. But if you want to get the latest material, we also have related functions for you. Just check [Sort by] - [Latest] in the refined search bar on the side of the page to get the first-hand materials uploaded by the creator!

Negative keyword search

In order to show you the materials in the material library to the maximum, we have relaxed the search precision. This is also your occasionally in “ Other ” see in the keyword search page “ people ” or “ fruit ” reasons of the clip. If you dislike such search results, you can use the [exclude keywords] also located in the refined search bar to exclude those you don’t want to see. In the above case, as long as you exclude “ people ” , “ fruit ” keywords, you can reach higher precision targeted search other material. This function supports excluding multiple keywords / terms at the same time. But remember to separate these times with a comma.

by color Search

In general, the degree of color to help search for vector graphics and not really that big ---- after all, human society, most of the objects are possible Dyed. However, when searching for other categories, it is not so absolute (it can even be said to be very useful). After all, some other coat colors are even fixed. Search by color, you can easily limit the display scope of the search results. In addition, you can also use this function when looking for other illustrations / vectors that match the color of the article or website.

according to the number Search

Although the man is the other one, but in illustAC in order to free illustration human body / vector diagram mostly classified to “ the whole family ” category. Under this setting, trying to search by number of people in other categories is very boring. But nothing is absolute. For example, if you want to find the performance of “ man and nature live in harmony ” other material, can be in the [number of] refined the search box model is set to 1 in the case of search. At this point, there is a high probability that you will see illustrations / vectors of people coexisting with others. And so on, in some specific situations, searching by number of people can help you narrow down your search quickly.

Finding similar

Finding similar illustrations / vector graphics is part of the automatic execution when searching in illustAC. This function will be divided into two categories according to the interface.

  • When you taste test from the search results page to check when looking to find similar functionality will be from Vector Illustration Gallery illustAC and silhouettes Gallery silhouetteAC find other creative. In this case, although similar types of vector graphics will change (ie, illustrations and shear occurs shadow), but the flip side, these new materials category also provides you with more options.
  • When you try to find the same kind of free Illustration / when the vector diagram, you only need to click want to be checked to find the object of vector graphics can be. This function is realized by ACworks another technique ---- to FIG search map automatically. By clicking on a specific illustration / vector graphic, the page will jump to the download page of the vector graphic you selected. At the same time, under the label of the vector graphic, an illustration / vector graphic with similar structure and content will appear. Some of these illustrations / vectors are from a unified photographer, and some are not. Similar styles of composition and Royalty Free illustration / vector graphics may also become Kai key hair of your creativity. If you can't find the perfect illustration for the time being, it's better to click on a vector diagram that is closest to your ideal state. Maybe it contains more exciting recommendations!

3. Free vector graphics editing

Want to edit vector graphics, but there is no image editor in your device? Feel that other materials found during editing have to be downloaded and imported before editing is troublesome? In illustAC , you will not have the opportunity to experience such troubles! For each illustration / vector image, we have set up an edit button. Even if you do not enter the download interface of each image, you can click the edit button that appears when the cursor is hovering over the illustration / vector image, and after selecting the size you want to edit, you can automatically jump to ACworks ' free image editor editorAC ( There is a traditional Chinese version). After the jump is completed, you do not need to perform any additional operations, the selected material will be automatically loaded on the canvas for you to edit directly. From the inversion / alignment of vector graphics , cropping according to shapes, and adding text, to drawing charts and co-editing with multiple people, all the necessary functions for image processing are available. And the most important point: these are free!

4. Purpose of use / license of vector graphics

If you like the current illustrations / vector graphics or vector graphics in other categories , you can download them for free. In order to adapt to different purposes, we have prepared JPG , PNG and AI/EPS file formats for you to choose from. Before downloading, you need to complete the registration and login of the free account. In actual use, you do not need to quote the source, and can be used in commercial projects. Therefore, you can use your favorite high-quality, royalty-free illustrations / vector graphics for printed materials such as flyers / posters, website construction, e-commerce advertisements, or production of TV programs!

For users who have not yet become ordinary members, don’t you really come to illustAC to register for free?

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